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Sapataria do Carmo
— since 1904 —

At Largo do Carmo, nº26, in the most typical Lisbon, we find in Sapataria do Carmo a proud past that rhymes in its shoes the most beautiful and perfect poetry. A house built of tradition and commitment to what is Portugal, of the perfection and purity that echoes from the hands of the craftsman in the manufacture of quality footwear.

Founded in 1904, it belonged for more than a century to the family of Paul da Cruzs. In the last 42 years, under the aegis of Regino Antunes Paulo da Cruz, grandson of the founder, worked the same employee named Francisco Abrantes, still remembered today by all his clients and friends.

But, if past is made of tradition and character, the future, keeping the same traits is also made of courage and boldness! In addition, in May 2012, Sapataria do Carmo gained a new life, reopening with a management so different and with such different formations that it can and should be considered as great! Alexandra Lourinho arrives from Journalism and Sofia Lourinho, has a degree in Communication Sciences too. João Lourinho is an agronomist and Denis Dâmaso has a degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia. They all have the passion for innovation, the will to create and go further, the invigorating energy of young entrepreneurs and, above all, respect for art. Yes, because the Shoes they sell are sublime pieces of art.

As they advance in their own site, the materials used in the Shoes are of 'high quality leather of Portuguese and Italian origin'. The leather soles are made 'by the artisans themselves' and the rubber soles come 'from the best manufacturers in the world'. The manufacturing methods they use are 'Blake System and Goodyear Welted'. With a selection of well-known brands such asArmando Silva (since 1946), Mariano shoes, (since 1945), Centenário (since 1941), Helsar (since 1979) and Paradigma Footwear (since 1988), Sapataria do Carmo 2014, an extension of itself, Shoes You by Sapataria do Carmo, which second assume reflects the taste 'for classic and timeless models, with a hint of the' must-have 'concept for the most fashionable people'.  
Sapataria do Carmo