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O Velho Alfaiate
— since 2018 —

The Velho Alfaiate is a restaurant located at Rua Morais Soares, 7A, whose name has a certain duality. On one hand it establishes a link with the childhood of Alexander, one of the owners, as it presents him with the inspiration for the business's name, since his great-grandfather, with whom he spent part of his childhood, was a tailor. On the other hand, this is an establishment that was born due to the vision and entrepreneurship that characterize the new generations.

Alexandre and Maria met in Foz do Arelho while she worked on Foz beach. It was a short time before they dreamed of a life for two. They knew, however, that this future would depend greatly on their combined efforts and began by saving some money during two years. In a rush of impetuosity, Maria saw in London the possibility of accumulating not only some savings, but also of having contact with the latest tendencies of the restaurant business. Without any hesitation, Alexander followed her steps and headed north of the globe, where they grew up professionally. Alexandre was in the Galvin company and headed a gastro-pub in the London area. Maria worked in several fine-dine establishments. After this period of learning, they suddenly decided to return to their homeland.

During the period in which they were out, they decided to create a restaurant in Portugal. In Lisbon, the number 7A on street Morais Soares, where a wine and olive oil distribution warehouse had been in the distant thirties, seemed to them the ideal place to open a business, although the large savings did not allow them big ‘extravaganzas'. But they had two great weapons at their disposal to build a house: a desire to create a new concept of restaurant that valued presentation and quality, as well as the precious help of Alexander's parents. José Carlos dealt with the entire electrical installation and worked out any difficult situation. Alexandre's mother was indispensable in everything concerning decoration. And so it was that the Velho Alfaiate (old tailor) became a new Velho Alfaiate, where the paintings, the wood, the lamps, the chairs, the floor itself, everything was done with the effort of these four elements. It was a laborious but fun process process, as the young couple puts it, and it’s constantly evolving. One area was, however, 'spared' the effort of renovation, the façade of the distribution warehouse that still proudly bears the name of its founders.

The mission of Alexandre and Maria is to create an establishment that serves the community and to create lasting relationships with the clientele. The Velho Alfaiate takes its first steps, having been inaugurated in 2018, however the acceptance of the establishment has been very positive. Our couple also bets on new technologies as a means of publicizing their business, perfectly marrying the spirit of proximity to new social trends.

If you like an eclectic space, come and discover the perfect blend of the new and the old.  
O Velho Alfaiate