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Monte Cristo
— since 2018 —

The Count of Monte Cristo is a literary work of Alexandre Dumas in which a sailor, Edmond Dantès, plans his revenge against those who orchestrated his unjust imprisonment. The Monte Cristo lounge bar, located at nº74 Avenida da República in Lisbon, sought inspiration from the film adaptation and the name of the work itself, but it’s not a story of revenge. It’s a plan matured over two years by Marco Antonio and Kelly Medeiros, which resulted in a unique space in the capital. Marco António lived in Switzerland for much of his adulthood and gained extensive experience in catering management. The Santa Cruz Bar was his first project and later he created a nightclub, also called Monte Cristo, followed by Havanna Caffé and Cohiba Café. However, he wanted to mark his presence in Portugal - since all previous establishments were in Geneva - and that dream was made easy as soon as he met Kelly Medeiros. Born in Brazil, she came to Portugal in 2015. In 2017 Kelly and Marco António married and decided to materialize Monte Cristo in Portuguese lands. Kelly, connected to the television world and music, had no experience in catering but quickly "rolled up her sleeves."

The result was a cozy and quiet place, ideal for a cocktail, wrapped in relaxing Latin tunes and with a touch of baroque art that enchants Marco Antonio and Kelly, lovers of this artistic movement. The wine cellar is considered one of the best in Lisbon, with an excellent selection of liquors, champagnes, wines and cocktails, some of them created by Vítor, one of the Barmen of the house. In terms of dishes, this house works with asian luxury food à la carte, namely sushi, meticulously prepared and with great care in its presentation.

The establishment is recent, having opened doors on September 27, 2018, but already has a loyal clientele, fruit of the dedication of the couple and the team, hand-picked by Marco Antonio. The maxim of 'serving customers in the best possible way' is evident in the many compliments woven into the establishment and the team. Kelly mentions that even criticism is a way to improve service. Notwithstanding the diligence of publicizing the brand in social networks, many of the new customers who visit Monte Cristo come as per the suggestion of regular customers. Kelly points out that the best way to get to know Monte Cristo is in person, since people simply can’t imagine what this establishment represents or inspires. The intense, almost alchemical game of colors, which is reflected in the detailed decoration, the sensitivity and professionalism of service, to sum it up, the atmosphere that one breaths here, is something charming and unique in Lisbon.

Monte Cristo came to occupy the place of an old pharmacy. It was wisely established between two of the most prominent streets in the city, and one can even say that, with all its poise and charm, it's good to the soul. There seems to be more dreams in store for Marco Antonio and Kelly, perhaps something in the format of a restaurant that explores other gastronomies. Monte Cristo, on the other hand, remains open, always ready to provide a pleasant evening. It is, without a doubt, a place not to be missed in Lisbon.
Monte Cristo