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Miss Can
— since 2013 —

The business started in 2013 within the castle of São Jorge, through a traveling stall set up on an Ape 50 Piaggio, restored to revitalize its 21 years of operation. The gaudy yellow of her painting mirrors the vibrant personality and warmth of the minds behind Miss Can: Tiago Ribeiro, Bárbara Cabral and Marta Fernandes. Tiago and Barbara, twin brothers, are grandsons of Luís Soares Ribeiro, owner, from 1911, of two canning factories. Marta is the great-granddaughter of João Rodrigues, a storekeeper and distributor of the first Portuguese canning factory.

The three partners are united not only by this past, but also by the love of tradition, coexistence and Portuguese history. They decided, therefore, to immortalize the traditional method of Luís Ribeiro, in which the fish is steamed before being canned, but with a touch of originality through a concept of packs. Each has tuna, sardines and mackerel, with seasonings for different appetites: Traditional in olive oil, Brave with tomatoes, Hot with spicy and Creative with hot sauce and pickles. But there's also a pack dedicated to cod - the Patriot pack.

Miss Can was the imagined figure to represent the brand. Her personality is represented by each seasoning and this girl tells bits of Portuguese history and varied curiosities in the jovial packaging of each pack. The brand has been recognized both conceptually and in terms of sales volume. In 2015, they won the national prize of creative industries, among more than 200 participants. In the same year, the brand won the Arla Food Innovation Challenge at the Creative Business Cup in Copenhagen. Tiago, Bárbara and Marta made the journey to Copenhagen with the nice yellow motorbike, so characteristic of the business, stopping in several Portuguese communities throughout Europe and demonstrating in this way, the genuine values ​​of coexistence and proximity that the business concept defended.

Miss Can, with resellers scattered both nationally and internationally, grew in such a way that the three entrepreneurs decided to open a little shop in the center of Lisbon right by the castle of São Jorge in Largo do Contador Mor. In the establishment it’s possible to taste traditional dishes, snacks and good wine, accompanied by the salutary Portuguese coexistence. And for the dishes that are not included in the menu, well, when there’s a will there’s a way, as the following story relates: a lady. of the Czech Republic that visited Miss Can asked for the famous cozido à portuguesa (portuguese stew) and Tiago tried to recommend some restaurants. Due to time constraints, she. and her family could not go to any of them and Tiago ended up inviting them to a homemade ‘cozido à portuguesa’ right in his own house.

Miss Can is a growing brand with a desire to make its Portuguese products known to the rest of the world. And, apparently, the world wants to know them too as attested by those who have Miss Can in the must-visit list in Lisbon.  
Miss Can