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Joalharia do Carmo
— since 1924 —

Since always associated with refinement and elegance, the pieces created in gold and silver mirror the spirit of each era, bearers of quality and tradition. At Rua do Carmo nº 87B, we find a very special jewelery, capable of satisfying the most demanding caprices with its vast and stunning collection. To talk a little about this almost centennial business, we met with the owner, Alberto Sampaio, who has been working in jewelery for more than 52 years. According to him, whoever runs a business is the one who knows him best. Alberto maintains an active role in the management and orientation of the company, being always attentive to the creation and production of pieces for his house. In fact, this determined attitude has been present since assuming the Jewelery of Carmo as his.

In 1924 Joalharia do Carmo Lda was incorporated, which took the old firm and formed the company of Alfredo Pinto da Cunha with his brother, Gabriel Pinto da Cunha and his brother-in-law, Alberto Vieira de Sampaio.
Later, Alberto (the son), integrates the partnership by receiving some quotas conceded by his father. The good results of the store encouraged him to acquire more and more shares until he was a unitary partner, something that he saw as essential for good business management.

The success of the store continues to this day, with occasional ups and downs. Nowadays, some consumers give preference to top notch technological articles, to which Alberto contrasts with the exclusivity of the works exhibited in his establishment. This is a jewellery that privileges the commercialization of Portuguese pieces, hand made, with design and production supervised by Alberto himself. The filigree is especially sought after by those who want to take home a souvenir of Portugal. However, merchandise is not the sole attraction of the store. The imposing Art Deco facade, designed by the architect Manuel Norte Júnior, quickly reveals to any passerby that they are in the presence of a house with history and tradition, classified as a historic store by the Lisbon Chamber. Getting to know Carmo's jewellery is a unique experience, a visit to the past immortalized in mahogany furniture and crystal lamps, since its inauguration in 1924.

Although Mr. Alberto recognizes the evolution of the world today with the emergence of new consumption trends, anchored in mobile devices and new technologies, he remains faithful to the original plant and philosophy of the house, as pertinent and permanent as it was since its foundation. Because unlike technology, the works exhibited in Carmo jewelery are always up to date, faithful guardians to the millenarian art of goldsmithing and timeless beauty.  
Joalharia do Carmo