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Paris em Lisboa
— since 1888 —

Emblematic shop, today and always, the 'PARIS IN LISBON' is an icon of the capital's trade. It opens with great pomp in 1888 at Rua Garrett 77, the 'PARIS IN LISBON'. Farms, silks and embroidery reach the chic clientele of Lisbon, coming from the fashion capital, Paris. A few years after its opening, Queen D. Amelia honors the 'PARIS IN LISBON' in 1902, granting it at the title of 'Suppliers of Her Royal House'.

In their ateliers are made many of the most elegant suits that dress our society of that time. The 30s of the twentieth century bring about a change of consumption habits, forcing a transformation in commerce. At that time, sections for perfumes, socks and household articles were created. Fabrics are now the kings of sales. Wool, silks and cottons pass from the shop counters to countless sewing ateliers. The perfume section installs itself in a noble place of the store and sells perfumes and other beauty articles. The so-called stockings also make their appearance with great success.

We witness World War II with the coming of prominent figures from the European societies that visit us and are clients of 'PARIS IN LISBON'. The decades of the 50s, 60s and 70s are a time of great prosperity and continuous improvement. The offer is as always of tremendous quality and variety. The section of knitwear and ready-to-wear, unheard of until then, is inaugurated.

With the Revolution of 1974, new lifestyles and trends appear. With ready-made garments that are part of the 'PARIS EM LISBOA' offer, the clothing section of the house will be remodeled in the following years, with the end of the sale of the fabrics by meter for clothing.

As of 2006, the last major amendment that extended this same section throughout the three existing floors. Bed, table and bath linen are now displayed on the 3 floors of the store. Liker 130 years ago, the 'PARIS IN LISBON' of our days continues to deserve the preference of domestic and foreign customers.  
Paris em Lisboa