Maria Catita
— since 2014 —

The creation of a balanced society takes advantage of the know-how of each member while providing quality of life for all. This is the picture perfect image of the management model that prevails in Maria Catita, a restaurant of traditional Portuguese food. Founded in 2014, at Rua dos Bacalhoeiros, number 30, in Lisbon, by José Marques, Júlio César and Denis Rubim, this is a house that has made significant changes in the dynamics of the street where it is inserted, as well as in the lives of those who helped to build it. José worked for several years as an architect and was the immediate choice to draw the layout of the establishment, at a time when the concept of the business was still being discussed. The fact that he was almost exclusively linked to the architecture for restoration from 1999 onwards gave him an even more assertive view of the ideal space. Denis, on the other hand, had vast experience in the area of ​​management and administration and Júlio had already worked in some of the best kitchens in the country. An excellent fusion, based on the words of José, for a perfect democracy.

The place that saw Maria Catita flourish also has a history. The building was completed in 1855 and was, initially, a cod warehouse that commercialized varied products. Later, it became a first-aid clinic for Tranquilidade. The work required to to breath life into Maria Catita was extensive and arose some curiosities, such as the origin of the iron pillars - the same as the Titanic. The eight-month effort was worth it. The restaurant is nowadays a place where you can enjoy one of the best cataplanas in the country, as well as seafood rice and cod dishes. It would be a mistake not to mention the Açorean typical dishes, such as the octopus of the Açores, roasted tuna with sweet potatoes, pork with garlic and steak ala Micaelense, which continue to bring loyal customers to the establishment .

Like any other house, its beginning needed a lot of sweat and tears. The house maintained, however, a constant and dedicated team, ready to serve a clientele composed mainly of visitors from the beautiful city of Lisbon and local workers. The restaurant undoubtedly bets on quality, but continues to serve affordable daily dishes. And since this bet is not just a statement of intent, Maria Catita's founders insist on trying the dishes every day to ensure it.

The restaurant has the hall filled for lunches and dinners, so reservations are advised. Those who have the privilege of living in Lisbon doesn’t hesitate to visit this excellent establishment to taste the exquisite traditional Portuguese cuisine. Come and taste the quaint dishes of this Maria.  
Maria Catita