Manuel Tavares
— since 1860 —

In 1860, the Manuel Tavares grocery store was opened on the small street of Betesga 1A / B in Lisbon, an establishment that has survived to date and has the 'best gourmet store of 2016' award.
During its long run, the store has been creating lasting relationships with its clientele, based on personalized and caring service. Every customer can count on the help of the employees to find that special product that he looks for, always with the certainty of advising with someone who knows the quality marketed in the establishment. Although the business is a fine grocery store, Manuel Tavares always makes a point of betting on the best quality-price ratio, because according to the owners, everyone deserves to buy the best quality, at the best prices.

The business was run by the Tavares family until 1993, but even in the exchange of ownership to new management, their legacy was felt. The new partner had worked during his childhood in similar grocery stores, also owned by the Tavares family and had great esteem for this type of business. He knew, therefore, how to keep the spirit of the house intact, as well as the type of products marketed. The drinks occupy a prominent place, especially reserves and rare brands, worthy of the most fervent connoisseurs. Port wines, cognac and old spirits liven up the establishment's bookcases, with their crimson reds and golden yellows, resting in elegant bottles. Of course, you can not drink without snacking: cheeses, cold cuts, dried fruits and traditional sweets make the mouths of sweet or savory mouths.

The new management has also opened the doors to new technologies. Nowadays, this grocery store has a very welcome online store (, with mention to promotions and suggestions of the house. A nice fusion between the old and the modern no doubt. However, if you are really uncertain as to what to buy, the wise, personalized service remains irreplaceable.
Proof of this is the continued affluence that the store enjoys and always enjoyed. There are several generations and families that visit Manuel Tavares daily, where people treat us by name and know what we want before we can verbalize it. A very beloved house in Lisbon, in which every customer is unique!  
Manuel Tavares