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Luvaria Ulisses
— since 1925 —

Luvaria Ulisses, located in Lisbon, began its existence almost incidentally. In 1920, Joaquim Rodrigues Simões, councilor of the Chamber of Lisbon, submitted a proposal for the construction of some shops on the so-called Muralha do Carmo. The proposal was accepted and shortly afterwards in 1925, Joaquim chose to inaugurate on the ground floor of nº 87-A to Luvaria Ulisses, whose name is a tribute to Ulysses, supposed founder of Lisbon.

Artur Mendes and Augusto Costa, for their antiquity, dedication and years of experience, were the main responsible for building a business that eventually became a Lisbon landmark. Nowadays, it's Carlos Carvalho who carries the torch of tradition and in fact, in retrospective, tradition is the word that best characterizes this almost centennial business.

With its own manufacturing, the entire process has remained unchanged since its foundation. The suppliers of raw materials are preferably Portuguese, since they are the only ones able to provide the skin with the necessary characteristics and required quality.

The solid and harmonious furniture, built by Joaquim, remain the same, the old sewing machines that are responsible for the production of gloves, remain in impeccable operation, without pause, due to the specificities of the process ... Equally important is the decorum that the store has always had, either for the space itself or for its customers. The highly personalized and meticulous service is the same as the one that enchanted people from times past, in a Carmo street overflowing with passers-by, where the ladies made a point of wearing winter and summer gloves. In fact, exploring the tiny interior of Luvaria Ulysses resembles an unprecedented journey, in a space that managed to magically give pause to the inescapable time.

Change is, however, the constant of life and Luvaria Ulisses felt it too. Formerly, this type of store was quite common, nowadays, only Ulisses remains in its purest form, and many have been marketing other types of articles to survive. The initial public, typically from Lisbon, has been transformed into a mixture of tourists and several admirers of the timelessness of the house. Carlos Carvalho was also able to take advantage of the new realities: any news coverage or buzz in social networks results in a significant increase in sales. He simply doesn’t opt ​​for e-commerce because he believes it's not going to meet the Modus Operandi of his business. Let's face it: online shopping is comfortable, but incapable of eliciting the kind of experience that a glove, carefully opened and sprinkled with talcum powder, put on by expert hands, can arouse. This is the care of those who always look for the ideal pair for each client!  
Luvaria Ulisses