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— since 1978 —

Sometimes, to see the genesis of a brand, we need to go back substantially in time and understand the correlation of events. In the case of the Jandaia shoe store, with an office on Rua dos Lagares d'el-Rei, nº 19, in Lisbon, it is necessary to go back to the boyhood of Domingos Brandão. Son of a shoemaker, he soon had contact with the world of shoe production through factory work. He complemented his learning with after work studies and, years later, in an entrepreneurial spirit, created his own footwear factory in Oliveira de Azeméis, along with three partners. This proximity, early on with the means of production, armed Domingos Brandão with the convictions that the Portuguese product had good quality and a possible acceptance in the national market.

Later on, Domingos Brandão meets Francisco Gomes da Costa, who is associated with the representation and commercialization of shoes and ready-to-wear brands. Together they idealized the brand Jandaia, being that its development was in charge of a collaborative work between Francisco Gomes of the Coast and a graphic designer, whose fruit lasts until today.
In the wake of these events, and motivated by the growing demand for national footwear, Domingos Brandão comes to Lisbon and, together with Francisco Gomes da Costa, creates the Jandaia brand in August 1978.

The name 'Jandaia' was inspired by a character from the work Gabriela, Cravo and Canela, whose television adaptation enchanted Francisco Gomes da Costa, being representative, just like the character, of color, beauty and singularity.
Although Domingos Brandão never lost sight of his roots, Domingos Brandão never forgot his origins, which allowed the pair of entrepreneurs to create synergies with the footwear industry in the north of the country, thus ensuring a unique quality. During the 1990s, domestic demand for the same quality, coupled with a favorable economic environment, enabled the full development of the business.
The strategy went through the expansion of partnerships to encompass other national production units, resulting in the opening of more stores in Lisbon.

In 1994, Isilda, daughter of Domingos Brandão, joined the society and later, João Amorim became a partner. It will be this 2nd generation of partners that will ensure the continuity of the business. Despite these changes, the brand has immutable values, with an ample supply of quality footwear. The familiar treatment and the accommodation of some clients' requirements are also highly appreciated by those who already make Jandaia sapataria of choice. As an example we mention two curious situations: One client was mesmerized with a specific model of shoe without laces, which he immediately ordered twelve pairs. To this day, he always order several pairs of the same model. Another client asked to intervene with the production in order to keep in circulation a model of 'sabrina' already withdrawn from the market. The Jandaia went beyond what was requested and ended up making a custom mold for the client, so she could get her favorite Sabrina whenever she wanted. Lastly, we have the famous shoe Luva, which, despite its 'old fashioned' air, has been kept in circulation due to its quality, unmatched comfort and durability .

This is the route of the brand to date, and judging by its success, everything points Jandaia will continue to follow the daily life of the Portuguese in the years to come ... fortunately for our feet.