Damage InKorporation
— since 2012 —

Sometimes life takes big turns. Let Sérgio say it, in an instant he was a baking and pastry maker, in another, a tattoo artist at Damage Inkorporation, at Rua do Açúcar, nº38, at the Poço do Bispo. Sergio came to the Poço do Bispo on January 11, 2017 and made the practical component of his baking training in the national factory. However, after working several years in this branch in Angola, he decided to change his life and dedicate himself to the world of tattoos.

Of course it lacked an important aspect for this change to happen: to learn to tattoo. It was no easy task. Yes, Sérgio always had a 'hand' for drawing, but it is still appropriate to drink the teachings at the source. He could count, fortunately, with the help of Mario, of the Tattomania, who guided his vision and his hand. Sérgio continues to learn, with an attitude of admirable self-learning and is not begged to use new technologies that allow him to easily visualize the desired end result. He also has the support of his wife, Sofia, who, together with their children, brings a small piece of home to the store. This atmosphere results in a store that quickly became a meeting point for all ages in Lisbon.

The Damage Inkorporation brand exists since 2011, and has already been installed in two other stores, with more limited space. The current location has a larger area and also has a phenomenal and unique decoration, filled with motifs and several artefacts, offered in part by friends who bring them to enrich the store.
We have to make a special remark to the variety of masks scattered around everywhere, which have always been a passion for Sergio and are a source of inspiration for some tattoos.

Damage Inkorporation needed a lot of initial work, but today it has an excellent acceptance in Lisbon and has an extremely professional and dedicated team. Each tattooist has its strong aesthetic so you can always count on the perfect representation on your skin. The fans of this millenarian practice have at their disposal the talent of Spoon, Márcio Rocha, Zé Carlos, Covangas, Bruno Pinheiro and Confer (graffiti expert) and Paula, who was one of the first people to do piercings in Portugal. To complete the atmosphere, the store has a small bar section and markets Dr. Martens. In its future you can count on an online store that is already being planned.

Parallel to its main business the store organizes several activities such as concentrations of national tattoo artists (on certain Fridays 13) and piercing events.
This is the story of Damage Inkorporation, a dream that began as an experimental tattoo on Sergio's brother's left arm and became the full-body business that it is today. Come and meet him and dare to give a different color to your life.  
Damage InKorporation