Casa Bordados da Madeira
— since 1965 —

It was the year 1964, and Eduardo Januário had just arrived at Cais da Rocha with two heavy suitcases. The route was the usual one: after Cais da Rocha he would go to the Cais de Alcântara, navigating the sea of ​​people who disembarked in Lisbon. In the suitcases were pieces of Portuguese origin, embroidered of Madeira of the highest quality, which the visitors of the city did not hesitate to buy, as if they were aquiring distillations of our Lusitanian talent. Such was the demand for this type of pieces that the idea of ​​assembling a physical space that commercialized them, quickly assaulted Eduardo. Said and done, in 1965 he opened in the Restauradores, a store that reverberates up to the present day in the history of the city, the house Bordados da Madeira.

For many years our entrepreneur raised the business to new heights, until his daughter, Fatima, took the reins of the business. It continued to grow, but Fatima felt the need to have support to handle growing billing and accounting in general, offering, for this effect, a partnership to António Jorge. Antonio, a professional accountant, quickly accepted and got involved in this new universe, whose fabrics assume impossible details, in motifs of intrinsic beauty that are shaped the mastery of those who embroid them. Years later, the grandson of the founder and son of Fatima, also named Eduardo Januário, continues the path that the grandfather initiated.

Our three entrepreneurs were able to respond to the new realities by expanding the establishment's offer to include embroidery from the Açores and Viana do Castelo. From Coimbra we also get hand-painted dishes, in the style of the XVII / XVIII century, as well as Alentejo and Leça das Caldas. Vista Alegre marks its presence with the Bordalo Pinheiro tableware, a brand that it acquired recently. Clothes wise, Casa Bordados da Madeira also began to rent regional costumes, much needed for events, such as weddings, where lively centuries-old traditions are maintained. The quality and fidelity produced in the establishment also granted them the honor of dressing the Portuguese Miss Universe and making handkerchiefs worn by the Pope, embroidered with his initials, taking our traditions beyond the sea. Customers are mostly foreigners, especially Africans, Japanese and Russians, but the Portuguese themselves also appreciate the unique quality of the establishment.

Recently, the business had to move to Rua de S. Paulo, No. 85-87 in the face of the unbearable rents that were required by the landlords. Fátima, António and Eduardo remained forever with that tender memory of Restauradores, but they knew how to embrace with heart and soul the new location, eternally known by the street of machines, given the array of industrial machinery that has always populated it. This little piece of Lisbon is, too, filled with a rich history. António, born and raised in Lisbon, recalls the supplying markets and all his buzz, recalls the sellers coming to unload merchandise wagons with platforms skimming the floor to allow impossible loads at night. Nowadays, the street bridges the Bairro Alto through elevador da Bica, making it a practically obligatory crossing point for those who visit Lisbon.

Casa Bordados da Madeira has occupied a place that has already housed an industrial machinery company, a car stand, a plastic selling house and an antique house ... Come and visit this new place of Casa Bordados da Madeira, the vibrant No. 85-87 of Rua de S. Paulo, full of Portuguese know-how.  
Casa Bordados da Madeira