Armazém das Malhas
— since 1941 —

More than 50 years ago, Durbalino Figueiredo started what decades later would become a Lisbon icon: the Armazém das Malhas. The business materialized in the 1940s as a resale store in the rua dos Fanqueiros, until it had a new 'residence' in rua do Forno do Tijolo, number 50a, after 20 years of good operation.

Over the decades, Durbalino, despite the inexhaustible enthusiasm for his profession, was feeling the wear and tear of leading the demanding business. Fortunately, there were already those who wanted to continue the business, and to Durbalino's joy were his own grandchildren.
Tiago, after finishing his studies, worked for two years in a bank, but he couldn’t find joy in the profession, so, in 2015 he bet on a return to the origins left by his grandfather. His brother, Tomás Marques, joined him some time later, as well as a helper. Durbalino, in turn, was an ever-present figure in the store, very dear to customers and essential to negotiate with suppliers, given his experience and knowledge.

After the rebirth in 2015, the house gained new strength, but nevertheless it did not stop marketing its faithful product, the knit fabrics, all of them of Portuguese manufacture, namely Mira de Aire, Vale do Ave, Guimarães and Famalicão. These are excellent value for money and versatile, ideal for any season and always valued by the attentive look of Durbalino. The house has kept its original furniture in impeccable condition and the very layout of the space is an attractive, asserting itself as a pleasant and intimate place.

This is a house with history and tradition, but its creation took a lot of work, dedication and, above all, honesty. These values ​​are likely to continue to attract all types of clientele to the establishment, from tourists to residents. According to Durbalino this is an area that is slowly achieving some development, both commercial and residential. Older residents mingle with tourists who already make Lisbon a new home and such an amalgam helps to explain the variety of individuals who visit the store, including several celebrities. For Durbalino, it’s another evolution, one more period, of a business in which he has been working since he was 14 years old, and with the strength and enthusiasm of Tiago and Tomás will continue to delight the Rua do Forno do Tijolo.  
Armazém das Malhas