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— since 2012 —

On Poiais de São Bento Street, 57, in Lisbon, we find a curious fusion between the concept of store and gallery, Apaixonarte. By deconstructing the word we can perceive the genuine motivation behind this business: the passion for art (Apaixonar-te= you fell in love + arte=art). Not by a certain type of art form or representation, but by art as a whole. This attitude of inclusion results in a unique, creative place, which brings original pieces to a wide audience that seeks Portuguese ingenuity. Contrary to the trend of many brands that designate their business in a language other than portuguese, to have legitimacy, Cláudia Cordeiro preferred to communicate her business in the lusitanian language. This young entrepreneur believes that there is a problem of credibility in the national creation, essentially the lack of recognition of our quality by the portuguese people themselves, and tries to combat it in the most pragmatic way possible: to show Portugal and the world our creative potential.

She took the architecture course and worked in the area, but her inexhaustible energy saw in the whole process a somewhat intolerable delay. At present, the mind conceptualizes and hands create with a more pleasant celerity for Claudia. Concerns about local commerce emerged on the countless trips she made with his parents in her tender years. She appreciated the shops she found, but they seemed to her rare, with many of them already opting for the offer of big brands.She grew up in a neighborhood environment, of kids playing football in the street and dogs lazily scratching their hide, with neighbors asking favors from the window to those who were already in the street. In short, she grew with coexistence without prejudice. It will not be surprising, therefore, that her business is geared towards a broad audience.

Although she appreciates the more traditional methods of production, Claudia has her eyes set on the future and cleverly mixes the methods of old with contemporary aesthetics. In this shop you will find versatile design solutions for a wide range of scenarios. The buying process is simple and straightforward, but the selection of an article is always done in person to better understand what the customer needs. And if you are a little hesitant, rest easy, you have an experienced team at your disposal.