— since 2004 —

At the 117 in Rua do Ouro one may drink in liters and eat in meters. The Café Penta by Ana Paula Lima and Luís Martins has a sui generis menu, with recipes worthy of a traveler in Gulliverian lands, recited out loud in brave Portuguese voice. Such enormous snacks and drinks are known as the well-toasted one-meter toasted cakes or the gargantuan two pounds Bolas de Berlin .

Those who pass through Lisbon downtown can discover in the Café Penta the greatest variety of mixed toasts, sold in meters, with or without salad, with tuna paste, chicken or seafood, or for the more daring the sublime chicken and farinheira toasts, the alheira, rice morcela or chopped veal toasts, and of course the cod toast. Finally, the garnishing natural fruit juices sold per liter, peeled, parted and made at the moment, with only two flavors per glass, without added water or sugar.

Café Penta was founded in 2004, the year Portugal became Vice-european Champion. Its founders were returning to Portugal after a long stay in Italy, bringing a wide tourism and hotel experience, innovative ideas and a dream that would cross the Milky Way, such a five-pointed shooting star, with the right dose of luck, on a path meant to be successful.

And that's how the name Penta came up with five vertices and a strong relationship with the lucky star. Joining the excellence of service and gastronomic quality with the concept of food by meter and drink per liter. A winning recipe patent in the popularity of the house and in the well-known television faces who wont miss the opportunity to party with one or two meter long cake, carried out by a dozen hands in procession from the Rua do Ouro to their houses.  
Penta Café