— since 1974 —

In the historical area of ​​Lisbon, more precisely in Rua da Prata (Downtown Lisbon) stands the Restaurante Caneca de Prata, a restaurant with four decades of history and famous for satisfying the gastronomic desires of its customer.
With two entrances at the corner of Rua da Vitória and Rua da Prata, door 163 will have served a grocery store founded in 1910 – a historic year of the fall of the monarchy. But it is in 1974, in the year of the Carnation Revolution, that the name Silver Mug is made known by the voice of Mr. Manuel Rodrigues Correia, coming from the silver of the street that welcomed him, the famous Rua da Prata from downtown Pombalina, which has gladly joined the House Mug, symbol of the best that the restaurant has to offer. Nowadays, his son Pedro Correia, who from early on assumed the role of his father’s right-hand man, managed the Caneca de Prata since 2004: he stopped studying in 1993 to help with family business, taking pride and pleasure today for working in such an illustrious house: “I like what I do, otherwise I would not be here!”

Pedro Correia saw with his own eyes the years that have passed in this house and the changes of the old days are notorious for the present day. He recalls with regret the mysticism of downtown Pombal, which, according to him, was considered the financial and commercial center of Lisbon, since the headquarters of the banks and all businesses were centralized in this part of the city and, therefore, there was a morediversified blend of customers. “It used to be that people used to come down to do business … The best of old, between the 80s and 90s, was to gather a wide range of people in the restaurant, from well-known bankers and judges to cobblers or shoe shiners – They all lived together, it was a unique and memorable environment … There were no formal treatments … ”

Subsequently, the city underwent changes in the metropolitan network and in the road circulation, and from there everything changed in the panorama of the city, turning the Pombal downtown into a tourist area. Pedro Correia said these changes meant that the seats of the banks were relocated to other parts of the city; today, those who visit the Caneca de Prata are clients who had a habit of coming here, but also the foreigners who wander the city In 2012, the Silver Mug was in the process of remodeling. This has resulted in an increase in space and the inauguration of the esplanade, and thanks to these changes, the tourist clientele has increased exponentially.

In this establishment you can find various types of meals, from traditional foods and drinks, accompanied by sandwiches, shrimp patties, cod pastry and among other variety of salted snacks, as well as the daily meals that privilege and value the best of traditional Portuguese cuisine , such as fried cod fried with beans rice, duck rice, grilled snails, grilled or fried horse mackerel, codfish salad with grain and so on. Every day you can find a different daily meal, for the modest amount of € 6.50.



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— since 1974 —